Together we can make it!

October, 22. 2018

Thanks to the homework project, 30 pupils can, again on their own, continue in primary education. This valuable support is made visible in the report that we received . 

“Hi Maria,

How are you doing today? We are fine in Namibia. Kindly I am delighted to share our experiences with homework classes. Allow me to inform you about the great impact and the smile that you put to the Namibian child, in Africa.  Learners are really appreciating and happy with this exercise.

Afternoon classes mainly based on English and Mathematics. Our learners had experience a lot of challenges in both subjects, but today more than 60 percent of them are rescued. As a result those who performed well last term are taken away from this term’s list. We really applaud you for this initiative and we are ready to join hands together in order to improve the Education standard in our country.

Having said that, our focus is aiming to close the gap and put a smile to these learners who are still struggling especially with Mathematics, even though English is still taken care of. We have selected 26 learners in Grade 5 and 22 learners in Grade 7. We hope that the teaching materials that you purchase for will make the work easier and interesting to both teachers and learners. Thank you very much for your mutual understanding.

In Conclusion, we strongly believe that our aims and vision will be accomplished by the end of the year. 


Greetings to everyone involved in this project.”

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