Esther and Johnny visit the Soup-kitchen

December, 18. 2018

Esther went back to Namibia and helped in the new kitchen with her husband. In the morning, a fresh meal is always cooked for all children, which is then distributed in the slum at "Monica's soup kitchen". Here is a brief impression of her visit.

"After almost 5 years I came back to Namibia for a holiday and to see what the developments have been in recent years. What struck me most, but especially Johnny, is the number of children. From the moment that we start distributing the food, until the food is finished, there is a flow of children. Unfortunately, it still occurs that children are too late for the food. This is painful to see, because you know that the child will probably not get anything else to eat that day.

But the developments give hope for the future for all children. Besides Monica, Sheila is a stable help with the soup kitchen. But also Marleen who helps Greg with the food does this passionately. The distribution of fruit to the children after meals, toothbrushing and donations from the church means that there are positive developments in the area of nutrition.

I am curious about the future of Home of Good Hope and I'm already looking forward to going back in a few years. "

Besides their visit to the new kitchen at Penduka and Monica’s soup kitchen in the township of Windhoek, Esther and her husband also visited our new homework project at the Olof Palme school. Here too, lots of praise for the efforts of the two teachers Sybil and Petra!


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