Diny and Bart Peters visit Home of Good Hope

April 2019

In February, Diny and Bart Peters came back from a very beautiful trip through South Africa and Namibia. During their trip they visited Monica Imanga's soup kitchen in the township of Windhoek. The soup kitchen is easily accessible and is located in a very poor part of the township. 

Life there is hopeless. There is high unemployment and without education there is no future for the children. And learning is not possible on an empty stomach. Diny and Bart found it particularly meaningful what happens there with childcare, food, education and sports. Monica together with her staff and the foreign trainees and volunteers ensure that a better future awaits these children.

Diny has visited our project before. In 2015, she and Maria Vernooij spent a month in Namibia doing volunteer work there. Monica's work and the children who come to eat there particularly touched her, so she wanted to go back again to see what it is like now. They handed out all their soft toys to enthusiastic children.

She was delighted to be back after four years: "It was good to hear and see that much progress has been made."

At Penduka, a large cooking kitchen has been set up that is now designed to make more than 600 portions of food. The new kitchen is a big improvement, Gregory proudly showed them everything in the kitchen, including the pantry. It was nice to see that in the kitchen everything is going as we hoped. Penduka is an oasis of peace in the overpopulated township of Windhoek. A beautiful place for the kitchen where all meals are prepared.

The care of the children has also improved considerably, it is cleaner and tidier and organized. The new leaders Sheila and Charmaine bring peace and regularity and the hygiene is now better. More shade is provided for when the children are waiting in long lines for their portion of food. The washing-up team is also very happy with more shade.

The car is indispensable. It is a good car for the project. Peacemaker is careful with it. He transports the large pans with food and he picks up a lot of buckets of clean water. He also does all the groceries with it and collects the extra food for the poor families at the Emanuelle parish. He takes care of the transport to the soup kitchen where the food is distributed to the children.

Hats off to Monica and her team!

2019 04 Marylen en Gregory aan het werk in de keuken

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