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April 2020

Corona measures are disastrous in poor countries such as Namibia

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused the government to lockdown in Namibia. We are very concerned because the slums are threatened by hunger and extreme poverty. As with us, all major gatherings are suspended and schools are closed. Also the homework classes have had to stop temporarily, just like the preparation of the daily fresh meals.

Monica and the people who help her have to improvise. 
They are now handing out packages of sandwiches and giving them in lunchboxes that the children bring themselves.

We help Monica's Soup Kitchen by transferring money for the food each month and also provide extra money for soap, hand gel, disinfectant, extra fruit and vitamins. They need our support more than ever!

Monica says:

“Yes, we still give the sandwiches, fruit and food in their lunchboxes. If we don't, the kids will find food in the bins and pick up old, rotten food like they used to. Now some children even walk all the way from the soup kitchen to my house in Wanaheda and ask for food.

I keep looking for food. What can I do? I'm just a concerned mother. We are surviving under the conditions of this deadly virus.”

We warmly support Monica’s tireless efforts for the children!

De vuinis ligt in te Township Goreangab gewoon op straat


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