The story of Ronja, a student from the North of Italy

May, 2020

Two years ago in 2017/18 I was working at the soup kitchen Home of Good Hope with many German and Namibian volunteers. They became family. 

In March 2020 me and Cici who was also a volunteer with me 2 years ago, visited Namibia again for 10 days and we were just really happy to see all the children and Namibian volunteers again. It all happened shortly before the virus overtook all of europe and before the lockdown in Namibia started.

But Namibia was still getting the news about Corona virus and even the children whispered "Corona virus" when they saw us Europeans.
We really didn't mind. We were just really glad to see everything still running smoothly and the children being fed and happy. That's the most important thing.
Unfortunately we had to leave the country very surprisingly as the government canceled all flight from and to Germany Ethiopia and Qatar effective immediately on March 14th. We were not even able to say goodbye to our friends.

Right now, as everything is on partial lockdown in Namibia, it is really hard for families to feed their children and the already unstable situation is only gonna get worse..

Thanks to donations from Europe Home of Good Hope still is a home for hope as they continue to feed countless children everyday. I really hope for the situation to get better real fast so we can come back and hug our friends and the children again.

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