Schools reopened

October, 2020

Although the lock down due to COVID-19 was further relaxed in September, tourists are still staying away. The whole of Namibia is an 'orange' area for us in the Netherlands. Fortunately, all schools reopened on September 14.

Many children have not received a good education since mid-March, also because online education is not an option for many children. But HoGH has also been able to respond alertly here. With the enthusiastic efforts of a few teachers of the homework classes sponsored by us, they have nevertheless succeeded in teaching as many children as possible in smaller groups. Sybil, one of the teachers, is now enthusiastically starting up the homework classes again, as is clear from an email from her to our chairman Maria Vernooij: “Nothing will stop me, Maria. Thanks for your support. Take care and stay safe! ”

A few weeks later, Sybil announced that despite all the setbacks during the lockdown, the students will make it this school year, although it is not easy because many lessons have been cancelled.

“Learners are coping though it’s not easy. Learners are very keen and strongly believe that education is the key to success.  Covid-19 has negatively affected the whole World,  but by the grace of God we are still going”

To be continued…..

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