Mayor Derk Alssema new ambassador Home of Good Hope

October, 2020

With the presentation of the Home of Good Hope (HoGH) policy plan for the period 2020-2025, an official touch could also be given to the appointment of our new mayor Derk Alssema as ambassador of HoGH as successor to former mayor Jan Boelhouwer. The policy plan shows that a lot of support is still needed in the coming years to establish a self-reliant center on site and to realize Monica's dream. Meanwhile, securing the daily nutritious meal from Monica's Soup Kitchen to more than 600 children from the Goreangab slum in Windhoek, Namibia remains of great importance.

New ambassador

The HoGH board is happy and honored with the mayor of Gilze en Rijen, Derk Alssema as ambassador. We know from the good experiences with his predecessor Jan Boelhouwer that this can open doors, both here and for "our" organization in Namibia. In a cordial and casual conversation with the mayor, he spontaneously agreed to cooperate, but not without also having a "good feeling" about it. The structure and working method of HoGH in Namibia, the role of Monica and the major problems of the children from the slums were explained in detail. From his experience of an earlier working visit to Africa, he recognized the poor conditions and what this means for children from a slum. He would also like to work as an ambassador during, for example, school visits to draw attention to the major differences between the children here and there, as well as the cultural differences.

In his preface to the policy plan, he therefore shows himself to be an enthusiastic ambassador, in which he wholeheartedly recommends the support of HoGH's plans.


We are fortunate that the "soup kitchen" led by Monica and with the help of her sons Peacemaker and Gregory and volunteers has become a great success. With that so necessary nutritious meal, now good for more than 600 (!) children a day, a range of activities has arisen. Sports teams (football and netball), a sewing workshop and two homework classes are concrete examples of things that have been made possible by the sponsorship of HoGH. In the meantime, we are working hard to realize “Monica’s Dream”, an accommodation in which all wishes in the field of nutrition, health care, education and care come together and are realized under one roof. HoGH's new policy plan (see clearly focuses on the continuity of the current set-up for a better health and future for the children. And… in the long term, as self-sufficient as possible from a professional multifunctional center!


HoGH is indispensable in supporting the children in this slum in Windhoek. And certainly now, in addition to that super necessary meal for the children, help is also needed for the families. This is only possible thanks to your generous gifts. You can make a contribution to NL 93 RABO 0162 5623 30.


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