Two strong women; the success of the homework classes

November, 2020

Namibia is located in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are opposite to ours. It is now almost summer and the school year is coming to an end. The summer holidays will soon start. Because of the 'corona closure' of the schools, many children could not take online lessons because they often do not have a laptop or tablet at home. But homework assistance could not be offered either. But our "strong women," Sybil, with Monica's help, didn't let that happen. 

As much corona proof as possible, the children first received "homework assistance" in the soup kitchen building. And fortunately, since a few months, in two rooms that have been made available for free by the friendly organization “Wadadee Cares”.

HoGH did not abandon the children and took care of them as well as possible. Primary schools reopened to a limited extent in September, but many children already had considerable backlogs in the teaching material. Homework assistance was now more needed than ever.
A delighted Sybil in her retrospect: “I am happy to report that during these difficult months as a result of this pandemic, the homework classes have always continued. With around 50 students divided over the 2 classrooms where we strictly adhere to the corona guidelines. It is also very nice that we could give the children sandwiches and orange drink every day! ”

The children are now more motivated because they were still upset by the corona virus. And they really like it. They indicate that they no longer want to miss a lesson! Sybil about this: “To be honest, I am very impressed with their participation and, of course, very important, their performance has improved”. And she does not hide that she is happy and grateful: “We are very grateful to you as our sponsor. Hopefully, with your support, we can continue to provide education to the Namibian child from the slum. ”

30 11 Sybil en Monica huiswerkklassen van Home of Good Hope

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