Home of Good Hope in Namibia had a very difficult year in 2020

December 2020

Monica and her volunteers bravely got through it this year. Partly with the help of our loyal donors and generous sponsors. Let's continue that in 2021!

Care for children remains intact

The loss of a major Canadian sponsor at the beginning of this year was a significant financial setback. On top of that came the outbreak of the corona pandemic, which hit the economy in Namibia to the heart and resulted in high unemployment. Thanks to generous contributions from donors and sponsors, HoGH Nederland has been able to provide extra support and hundreds of food packages could be distributed to suffering families.

Monica and her volunteers were enormously supported and motivated by this to continue to take the best possible care of the vulnerable children.

Lower number of children not an option

Due to the loss of the Canadian income, reducing the number of children using the soup kitchen was considered. But because of the corona crisis, literally more and more hungry children knocked on the soup kitchen’s door. Monica about this: “Covid-19 caused even greater pressure on the soup kitchen. And there is no way to chase away hungry children! ” They now have 612 children, 125 of which are aged 1 to 7 and 487 aged 8 and older. They receive a nutritious meal every day. A meal that fortunately can still be called nutritious but has been adapted because of the lower budget. For example, fruit can no longer be given every day and more sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly are used. But Monica remains positive: "Until now, the children still get the nutrients they really need".

They deserve all the support

We recently gave Monica and her team of volunteers an "envelope with contents" this Christmas month. They also live in extremely poor conditions and can barely make ends meet. Pleasantly surprised and heart-warming were their reactions with pictures on them. Under these difficult circumstances, they continue to engage in an admirable way. And that deserves all the support!

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