It's busy again in Monica's soup kitchen

March 2021

During the summer holidays there is literally less pressure in Monica's soup kitchen. But after ‎the schools have started, it is very busy again. Of course, this applies to the distribution of the ‎food now that the school children are coming en masse again for their daily nutritious meal. ‎But the work "beforehand" also requires a lot of effort to ensure that the children can go to ‎school in the first place!‎

A "school uniform" is mandatory in Namibia. And that means that a lot of children have to ‎get new school uniforms. But not only that. Shoes, sweaters and other school supplies are also ‎provided. No school without a school uniform and for many children that literally means no ‎school without the help of HoGH. Fortunately, this time there were extra donations from, ‎among others, Sweden and Germany that made it possible to purchase clothing and school ‎supplies for the children.‎

The schools the children attend, including the Olaf Primary School, are extremely grateful for ‎the efforts of HoGH. This also gives underprivileged children the opportunity to receive ‎education. Because there are several schools where the children go and they all have different ‎uniforms, it is a multi-colored whole. A happy face. Now that the schools are open again, the ‎homework classes of "our" Sybil can also start again. And a great success has been made ‎possible with contributions from you to HoGH Nederland. And we are very happy with that!‎

Nog meer schooluniformen bij Home of Good Hope


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