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Perspective for 'our' kids in Namibia

November 2021

After the Corona peak last summer (winter in Namibia), homework classes started smoothly again in September. Under the guidance of Miss Elisia, the children from the Katutura slum on the outskirts of Windhoek in Namibia receive tutoring in homework classes. This is made possible by Home of Good Hope.

The families with children live there in extremely poor conditions and live in endless rows of meagre shacks made of corrugated iron, often without facilities. In addition to providing a daily meal in the ' Monica’s Soup Kitchen' and assistance with education and sports, HoGH has realized a very successful project with homework classes. And with success!

Children from different schools, who could really use an extra helping hand, are given extra lessons and are ‘brushed up' in various subjects.

Miss Elisia about this: “This month we will mainly help with English and maths, because the final exams are coming up. As a result, the children are extra motivated and do their utmost”. These children are highly motivated because good grades and a certificate offer the prospect of a better life.

They also try to make the homework classes fun by adding games such as "Chess" and "Ludo".

And Miss Elisia makes no secret of the fact that things are going well: “We are now almost at the end of the school year and things are going so well that we need 10 extra chairs and 5 tables for next year. Parents are very happy with their children's results and look forward to seeing them move on to the next classes.”

We will of course not ignore such a heartfelt cry and as HoGH we will ensure that this expansion and the meals for these school children are taken care of.

Klein Kinderen van verschillende scholen krijgen bijles bij Home of Good Hope