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Meals for 600 children and more….

1112 het eten uitdelen bij de soepkeuken

December 2022

That daily meal is and remains very important for the children from the Goreangab Township. With our support and support, the children can visit the “Soup kitchen of Monica” every day. Monica let us know that the children who come to eat with her are doing very well, the children are still enjoying it. The little ones are fed first thing in the morning and the schoolchildren visit Monica after their morning lesson. And every day the pans are completely emptied down to the last crumb after being handed out.

In addition to distributing the food, there is also care for the personal hygiene of the children. For example, teeth are always brushed with the little ones and once in a while the ears are checked, nails are cut and hair is washed and inspected for head lice. Sometimes the children also need to be treated against skin fungi.

1112 Monica wast de haren van de kleintjes